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Posted by on April 24, 2013

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Gift 241.

Gift 242.

Gift 251.

Gift 252.

Gift 201.

Gift 202.

Gift 211.

Gift 212.

Gift 221.

Gift 01. Vintage fish basket and handmade wood lures

Gift 231.

Gift 232.

Gift 11. Canadian made decor

Gift 12. Canadian hand made art

Gift 21. Folkart fish, coathooks

Gift 22. Canadian arts and crafts

Gift 31. Live edge salad bowl

Gift 32. Local made gifts

Wooden Bird Houses & Metal Art

Gift 41. Wooden Bird Houses & Metal Art

Mirrors. Available in any size.

Gift 42. Mirrors

Recycled Metal Heron

Gift 51. Recycled Metal Heron

Handcarved Canada Geese

Gift 52. Handcarved Canada Geese

Funky Metal Cats

Gift 61. Funky Metal Cats

Decorative Light

Gift 62. Decorative Light

Rustin Bird Feeder

Gift 71. Rustic Bird Feeder

Aladdin Table Lamp

Gift 72. Aladdin Table Lamp

Recycled Wood & Metal Art

Gift 81. Recycled Wood & Metal Art

Antique Phone

Gift 82. Antique Phone

Antique Stain Glass Window

Gift 91. Antique Stain Glass Window

Vintage Stain Glass Room Divider

Gift 92. Vintage Stain Glass Room Divider

Antique Stain Glass Mirror

Gift 101. Antique Stain Glass Mirror

Carved Fence Post

Gift 102. Carved Fence Post

Vintage Log Ends & Hand Carved Soapstones

Gift 111. Vintage Log Ends & Hand Carved Soapstones

Hand Carved Ducks & Fish by Local Artists

Gift 112. Hand Carved Ducks & Fish

Pair of Carved Owls

Gift 121. Pair of Carved Owls

Metal Art Bluejay

Gift 122. Metal Art Bluejay

Hand Carved Loon

Gift 131. Hand Carved Loon

Snow Goose

Gift 132. Snow Goose

Funky Metal Flowers

Gift 141. Funky Metal Flowers

Vintage Log Ends. Makes great stools, end tables & plant stands.

Gift 142. Vintage Log Ends

Old Pop Crates

Gift 151. Old Pop Crates

Coat Hooks to Bird Houses

Gift 152. Coat Hooks to Bird Houses